IPv6 Rollout
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In our opinion, IPv6 rollouts are amongst the most important tasks every internet service provider should work on. Due to the rise and rapid growth of the internet, the original 4 billion IP addresses are no longer enough. By rolling out IPv6, the exhaustion is coming to an end.

The internet is running out of addresses. Unique numbers known as "IP addresses" are used to communicate across a global network. Due to technical limitations, there are only a little more than 4 billion unique assignable numbers. To put this in perspective, there are 8+ billion humans on earth (more or less). You see, we are running out of these addresses and need a refreshing solution to prevent further, somtimes even critical, issues.

The IP address space exhaustion is brought to an end by the implementation of a new protocol called IPv6 which allows the use of up to ~360 undecillion unique numbers (yep, that's a 1 followed by 36 zeros). All computers will sooner or later need to upgrade to the new protocol and could include phones, tablets, home computers and your smart TV among many other devices. We're starting today to make the first step from our side to a better internet.

Update as of June 7th, 2018: All public services of Gentlent are now supporting IPv4 and IPv6. 🥳

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